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The Last Minute Gift Guide for Her

If you're reading this right now, you've left your christmas shopping a little bit too late...

With barely ten days till Christmas, the shops are packed and even thinking about the state of the Trafford Centre makes me shudder. But just because you've left it a bit late, doesn't mean you can't buy fab gifts for either your friends or your family.

Soap&Glory is one of my go to brands for gifts because lets be honest, their gift sets are incredible. They have an incredible range of sets for various price points so you can go all out luxury or keep it under £10 if it's a secret santa pressie.

The Bright and Bubbly gift set is not only stunning to look at but comes in at the £10 mark. It includes some of the more classic Soap&Glory sets such as Hand Food, Scrub of Your Life, Clean on Me, Righteous Butter as well as a loofah. The glittery box is definitely beautiful and could even be used afterwards to store bath bombs or your bath things in!

Then for the girl who loves moisturiser - Three Times Butter is slightly cheaper at £8 and is such a nice idea! The set includes smaller tubs of Righteous Butter, Sugar Crush and Smoothie Star body butters so is a great way of not feeling guilty about not using up an entire tub of body butter!

Then, if you've got loads of friends and really can't afford to spend too much, the Soaprise set of christmas crackers is a great idea. The set may be £16 but contains six crackers filled with minis from Soap&Glory. A fab way of getting your friends a little something without breaking the bank.

And then moving to luxury, Charlotte Tilbury Palettes always deliver the goods. Pictured is the Golden Goddess Palette and seems perfect for Christmas with it's glittery golden tones - very christmas party-esque. It's definitely more expensive at £45 but is a lovely luxury present for a very special someone.

This post may contain items that have been sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.

Stocking Gift Guide for Her: Under £30

I love Christmas and whilst I go all out for close family, with friends I don't always have the spare cash and prefer homemade presents in some cases! But it's always nice to give a little something so I decided to compile together a gift guide of a few things under £30.

There is definitely a range of things here from little to large so a good variety for varying budgets!

This Soap&Glory Kissmass Cracker is possibly one of the cutest crackers I've seen and it contains one of their most famed products - Sexy Motherpucker (as well as beauty tips and the traditional crown). It's priced at £6 so is definitely a great gift for a Secret Santa or if you have loads of people to give gifts for!

Moving a little bit up on the price scale at £10 is this "Me Me Me" Bucket Mug which is perfect for coffee or tea lovers! It's a wonderful size and a fun way of giving it might be to fill it with sweets or a mini pack of ground coffee or tea bags ready for their next drink!

Perfect for the girl on the go are these mini straighteners from Eva NYC which are dinky but ideal if your friend or girlfriend regularly travels or goes to the gym as they fit in a little pouch as well. They're currently priced at £16.50 on ASOS but without the sale price, they're £22 which is very reasonable for what they are!

And finally, for a beauty lover is this Emma Louise Lipstick Wash Bag which is £25 and is gorgeous! It's very Lulu Guiness and is the perfect size for fitting everything in for a holiday! The lipsticks are stitched on so it's definitely slightly more high end than your usual wash bag! If you have a bigger budget, fill the bag with a couple of bottles of nail polish or a Lindt bunny for a little extra!

What do you normally go for with gifts?

This post may contain items that have been sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.

Top 5 New Look Gift Picks

Tis the season of gift guides and I've already suggested several different things but if you still can't find the perfect gift, try New Look. New Look is one of my favourite shops (not only because they stock size 9 footwear) but because they're always on trend and generally stock things for people of various shapes and sizes! They've also recently released a new beauty line which is pretty brilliant!

But they also have just launched a brilliant Gift Generator which helps give you suggestions of things to buy for your loved ones! I was asked to have a bit of a play and come up with my top five gift picks! Simply click on the category that applies best and it comes up with ideas - which is how I came up with my top five gifts - saves so much time trawling through websites and if you still haven't come up with your christmas presents, time is of the essence!

The ones included in the guide are all from the Secret Santa collection from the generator which means they're not overly expensive and suit most people - however, they do have age specific options for both male and female so you can really narrow down your search!

Above you'll find a range of gifts to suit each person from the best friend who loves a good pair of novelty pyjamas to the friend who loves a bit of bling on a bag - there is something for everyone from a range of prices.

I hope you've been inspired from this post and may have come up with a couple of ideas! But don't forget to have a play on the gift generator as it really is fun and very helpful!

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