Stereotypical Berry Lip Edit


When I was compiling a list of blog posts that I wanted to get up and scheduled, my brother jokingly suggested that I should share my favourite deep red lipsticks and use the word "autumnal" at least twenty times, so that's what you're getting (however, no autumnal...).

I tend to reach for matte lipsticks in autumn and winter, that way the bold colour doesn't look too bold. My current favourite at the moment has to be Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Unicorn Blood which is a brown toned deep red and oh my goodness, the lasting power on this is incredible. Jeffree Star has to be some of my absolute favourite liquid lipsticks and I order them from America simply because they're worth it.

Then onto a long standing favourite, Sleek's Dare which is a beautiful matte deep red. I discovered this last year and I was really impressed - it lasts forever and has a really nice finish! Plus, it's about £4 which makes it a serious steal. It's quite drying but I find if I put on a layer of chapstick, it's not too bad!

Then onto a slightly brighter option, is Maybelline Color Drama in Red Essential. It's oneof the few budget versions of the Nars Lip Pencil on the highstreet and it's rarer that these pencils come in a matte form. They're really well priced and I have several different colours because they're simply lovely!

And high end and a more muted option is MAC Whirl which used to be a lip pencil but was recently brought out in the form of a lipstick. This is gorgeous - very Kylie Jenner but there is something about the colour that works well in autumn. It has a mauve undertone that really makes it lovely with a smokey eye.


  1. I didn't know MAC brought out Whirl as a lipstick, I have the liner so will have to get this one too! xxx

  2. I love the look of these colors! I've been seeing the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks everywhere, and since I love a good liquid lipstick I'll definitely need to check these out. I've been drawn to the matte dark plums and mauve/nudes this Fall, I'll need to get on that red train once we get closer to Christmas!

    Cindy |

  3. So many people have MAC Whirl and though I like it, I prefer other shades which are similar x

  4. I so love berry shade of a lipstick. They matches almost everything!

  5. I love Jeffree Star's lip products, I have a few of them myself :) xx

  6. I love the look of the Maybelline pencils, I keep forgetting to pick some of those up!

    Jess xo