Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

So Christmas is mere weeks away there is nothing quite as exciting as Christmas shopping and buying presents but for me personally, one of the best things has to be wrapping them.

Pintrest is one of my favourite time-wasting sites and you may be able to tell that a lot of inspiration has gone into wrapping these presents... Bored of the standard ribbons and wrapping paper, I turned to ebay (partially to save time traipsing around shops but partially to get the best deal...)

One of my initial ideas was to use a brown paper as the base and bakers twine (which is traditionally red and white striped) with plain brown luggage tags however I got sucked into ebay and ended up with a little bit more than initially planned...

There are loads of different variations on the plain brown wrapping paper but these snowmen were definitely my favourite - wintery without the garrish christmas colours you often find. Because of the white with the snowmen, I deterred from the traditional bakers twine towards a plain red twine which definitely looks better! The little tags were the final touch and these can be bought in shops and there are loads of different designs, one of my other favourites read "No peeking till the 25th".

I'm so pleased with the results - the presents look so cute and I'm really looking forward seeing my family unwrap them on Christmas! It was definitely cheaper to get these from eBay as they are often wholesale prices. I bought 10m of wrapping paper for £2, the tags were £1 and the twine was £2 - much cheaper than Clintons! If you're super organised, buy your wrapping paper in October because the cheapest merchants on eBay are often located in China so things take a month to ship - but you save even more postage through it! Had I been more organised, I'd have definitely done it but I now have enough wrapping paper to last me another year...

Do you put any thought into wrapping presents or is it not as important? I must admit, I didn't think it was a big deal but then Pintrest happened...

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