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Raise Boys and Girls the Same Way

This t-shirt is probably one of my favourite things in my wardrobe right now. It's statement, thought provoking yet not to the extent that I would feel uncomfortable wearing it in public. 

Let's be honest, it's not really difficult to say that boys are obviously raised the same way as girls considering we go to the same schools but it's really the way they're treated which creates the difference - the whole "boys will be boys" culture that seems to always crop up whenever sexual assault/rape/harassment occurs. But I digress, a post for this will be coming in due time.

I find with t-shirts, it's incredibly easy to look incredibly casual but I was feeling myself when I took these pictures so I wanted to add something glamorous to it, hence the heels and sunglasses. 

Paired with my fave coated jeans, there's almost a biker element to it that gives it a bit of edge. 

Mirrored sunglasses were huge in the summer and with this bright sunlight we've been blessed with, sometimes sunglasses are necessary even in Autumn and winter. 

It's definitely sometimes too cold to wear this out now but I'm obsessed and shall be keeping this t-shirt for forever. 

#GBBO Comes to Life #HBBakeOff

It's not every day where an email pops into your inbox offering to cover travel expenses to London. For a day trip. It's also not every day where you get the opportunity to bake alongside Ugne from the Great British Bake Off.

Holland & Barrett put on an incredible day for all my fellow Free From bakers where we would get the chance to bake an incredible Pecan, Apple and Pear cake that was completely vegan, gluten and lactose free! It was the Deliciously Ella recipe but we used cranberries instead of raisins to make it slightly more christmassy! 

The whole day was incredible, Ugne is such an incredibly lovely person and was so down to earth and an absolute pleasure to meet (and have a little gossip with!). She also really liked my cake, which was definitely a bonus! The whole day was hosted at Cactus Kitchens which is where Saturday Morning Kitchen is filmed and honestly, it was the kitchen of dreams (far better than my student kitchen). It was also very pinterest which was an absolute bonus.

Thank you so much to Holland and Barrett for inviting me - and if you're Free From anything, you can get all your go to ingredients here.

Monochrome Geometry

I seem to be getting slightly better at this whole style blogger thing (humour me). But this was very much a honest this is what I actually wore type outfit because considering the temperature at the moment, comfort is literally the only thing I care about.

Coated jeans are probably one of my favourite things because there is just something different to your standard denim and it just adds that little extra. I love the look of leather trousers but alas, they tend to only look good on beanpoles so a compromise was coated jeans.

And this jumper, which is just so different to some of the others out there, is absolutely stunning. I honestly think it's so classy and could easily be worn with a skirt and high knee boots for a far more sophisticated look but is casual enough for uni when worn with jeans.

The hat is a H&M classic which is perfect for this outfit and adds a city chic look to the ensemble.

What are some of your go to winter outfit staples?

Roll Necks & Trousers

How do full time fashion bloggers come up with blog post titles? I genuinely considered calling this post "The One with Clothes" but alas, I digress...

I spend a large portion of my time on pinterest and unfortunately my favourite outfits are often quite Scandi inspired but seem to look best on a size 6-8 and as someone who is certainly not a 6-8, I decided to pull inspiration from it and put together an outfit that was wearable and super cute.

These trousers are incredibly comfortable because they have an elastic waist which almost makes them feel like leggings - I sized up so they're slightly baggy but they look amazing with the jumper which again is ever so slightly oversized and the chunky knit adds another element to the outfit.

This look was just calling out for a hat and this hat from Zara is so unique in colour that it adds something to the outfit - something that isn't monochrome. And the Stan Smiths which are a "classy" trainer, make the outfit more casual and less formal.

The Thigh High Boots

I used to hate over the knee boots - they were very much a thing that I didn't think worked but then this pair entered my life... Perhaps it's the suede that makes them far more wearable but I really think they look incredible with dresses or skirts. 

Paired with this skater skirt and a slightly baggy roll neck jumper, this outfit is probably one of my favourites at the moment and one that looks somewhat parisienne in some way. I'm also obsessed with this bag from Zara which reminds me so much of the Celine knot tote but was less than £30 so far more affordable.

In some respect this outfit is very much a champagne outfit on a lemonade budget and looks very chic considering how much it actually costs.

It's definitely one of my favourite winter go to outfits at the moment. What do you think?

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The Importance of Having Gal Pals

I think this post title deserves a round of applause if I'm honest (especially if you're a Amy Poehler fan like me).

But hey, onwards.

As a complete and utter introvert, I know how easy it is (especially at university) to lock yourself away in your room and never leave aside for food and lectures. And I know how hard it is when you're thrown into a house with people you don't know (or that aren't your family) but it's also really important to have a great group of friends.

To have people to cry on...
Which I've done more than I'd like to admit. Not for any terrible reasons but stress (university deadlines) and various changes have all been reasons and you always need someone just to cry on (including drippy mascara and snot) who honestly doesn't care.

To have a laugh...
I have several different groups of friends but going for a coffee with any of them is always a laugh. Some of our best "days out" evolved from simply a cup of coffee.

To have baking parties...
Okay, they're not exactly parties but when I was at halls, occasionally my neighbours and I would turn up at each others flats and just bake. Nothing bad can come from brownies or scones.

To get greasy chicken and chips with...
We've all done it but after a night out, the only answer is greasy chicken and chips. Trust me.

To simply be with...
I know this sounds seriously cheesy but sometimes nights in where you simply watch a movie or reality TV can be the best nights.

Recipe for Blemish Prone Skin

Whilst my skin has definitely cleared up so much since my early teens, I still fall victim to that monthly break out and it's not fun. Whenever I have the opportunity to meet makeup artists and ask what they think is the ultimate answer to flawless skin makeup, they nearly always say good skincare.

I know it's easy to say good skin is the answer to good base makeup when alot of it comes down to genetics so I decided to put together a handy list of how I'm currently fighting breakouts and helping them reduce down from an angry red to an easily concealable "thing".

Sometime last year I wrote a post on how I used to fight spots and I still love the Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask. Mud masks are aplenty but it's rare to find one that isn't too drying. The Trilogy mask contains rosehip oil which not only helps reduce scaring but also is incredibly moisturising to it's a win. This is normally my first step as it starts calm everything down.

Then onto a more recent discovery; Lush's Mask of Magnaminty which is an absolute delight. It contains mint and evening primrose so is instantly cooling. I find this is incredibly refreshing and perfect for further reducing any redness. It's also brilliant for generally clearing out my skin as it gently exfoliates as you remove it. As it's all natural, it's incredibly gentle and perfect for skin that can be on the sensitive side. 

And finally, the Merumaya Mud Marvels Mask which is more a precautionary measure than anything as I find if my skin has been in good knick all month, then I find things aren't too bad... This mask contains AHA's which gently exfoliate and mean that your skin isn't as clogged up. Perfect for this time of year when the chilly wind can chap your skin. I find applying this and then removing with a flannel is the perfect way to reveal sumptuously soft skin.

What are your go to solutions for a breakout?

Flake Away Lips

With the cooler months in full swing, there are days where my skin gets so dry it feels like it's ready to shed (almost like how snakes shed their skin) and my lips are no exception.

I love my matte lipsticks so as they can often be quite drying (and sometimes cling to dry patches) so I take extra care to make sure my lips are always moisturised and soft but with so many lip balms on the market, it can be quite tricky to find one that really works.

My first step is exfoliating. I love Lush's Mint Julips because it's minty and sweet. It's basically a simple combination of sugar and oil so if you don't want to spend any money then mixing sugar with olive or coconut oil would come up with a similar effect. 

And then I load on the balm. Depending on how I'm feeling, I switch everything up but my current favourite is the Glossier Balm Dot Com which is probably one of the best lip balms I've ever tried. It's incredibly moisturising and I find putting this on before I head to bed leaves my lips soft and flake free in the morning. 

What are some of your go to maintenance lip products? 

Moisture Marvels

Regardless of your skin type, everyone's skin dries out a little bit in winter and whether you have oily skin or not, it's incredibly important to make sure your skin is moisturised (even if you do it at night to prevent the dreaded oily t-zone in the day). 

I'm currently a massive fan of oils and because I like to load up my skin with oil, I do it after cleansing at night so it has ample time to soak in over the night and leave my skin radiant by morning. The Antipodes Divine Face Oil is one of my current all time favourites. It has a wonderful herbal scent and is packed with rosehip and avocado oil - rosehip reduces scarring and avocado reduces lines and age spots. It's incredibly moisturising and I wake up in the morning with my skin glowing and any spots reduced in size and redness.

I also love moisture masks for nighttime and use them as a heavy night cream (also great for flights!). My longtime favourite has to be Origins Drink Up Intensive which smells of mango and is a surprisingly light option. I put on loads before bed and let it sink in whilst I sleep and I wake up with my skin much softer. This is also my go to for flights as it doesn't appear too greasy on the face either.

The Body Shop are one of my favourite brands for skincare and their Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask lives up to my expectations. The texture reminds me of a gel and "bounces". It's incredibly moisturising and the vitamin E helps to reduce redness and scaring. I do also use this on my elbows as it's a great way to really pack in intense moisture without feeling greasy in the morning.

A new addition to my wardrobe is the Soap&Glory Speed Plump which is a day cream that has worked wonders. I'm not big on day creams as there are few that don't cause my makeup to slip off my face, but this is very light but also primes my skin and still makes my makeup last. It's great for if I'm wearing a matte foundation as it prevents any dry bits appearing.

What are some of your favourite moisturisers for this time of year?

This post may contain items that have been sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.

Stocking Gift Guide for Her: Under £30

I love Christmas and whilst I go all out for close family, with friends I don't always have the spare cash and prefer homemade presents in some cases! But it's always nice to give a little something so I decided to compile together a gift guide of a few things under £30.

There is definitely a range of things here from little to large so a good variety for varying budgets!

This Soap&Glory Kissmass Cracker is possibly one of the cutest crackers I've seen and it contains one of their most famed products - Sexy Motherpucker (as well as beauty tips and the traditional crown). It's priced at £6 so is definitely a great gift for a Secret Santa or if you have loads of people to give gifts for!

Moving a little bit up on the price scale at £10 is this "Me Me Me" Bucket Mug which is perfect for coffee or tea lovers! It's a wonderful size and a fun way of giving it might be to fill it with sweets or a mini pack of ground coffee or tea bags ready for their next drink!

Perfect for the girl on the go are these mini straighteners from Eva NYC which are dinky but ideal if your friend or girlfriend regularly travels or goes to the gym as they fit in a little pouch as well. They're currently priced at £16.50 on ASOS but without the sale price, they're £22 which is very reasonable for what they are!

And finally, for a beauty lover is this Emma Louise Lipstick Wash Bag which is £25 and is gorgeous! It's very Lulu Guiness and is the perfect size for fitting everything in for a holiday! The lipsticks are stitched on so it's definitely slightly more high end than your usual wash bag! If you have a bigger budget, fill the bag with a couple of bottles of nail polish or a Lindt bunny for a little extra!

What do you normally go for with gifts?

This post may contain items that have been sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.