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Raise Boys and Girls the Same Way

This t-shirt is probably one of my favourite things in my wardrobe right now. It's statement, thought provoking yet not to the extent that I would feel uncomfortable wearing it in public. 

Let's be honest, it's not really difficult to say that boys are obviously raised the same way as girls considering we go to the same schools but it's really the way they're treated which creates the difference - the whole "boys will be boys" culture that seems to always crop up whenever sexual assault/rape/harassment occurs. But I digress, a post for this will be coming in due time.

I find with t-shirts, it's incredibly easy to look incredibly casual but I was feeling myself when I took these pictures so I wanted to add something glamorous to it, hence the heels and sunglasses. 

Paired with my fave coated jeans, there's almost a biker element to it that gives it a bit of edge. 

Mirrored sunglasses were huge in the summer and with this bright sunlight we've been blessed with, sometimes sunglasses are necessary even in Autumn and winter. 

It's definitely sometimes too cold to wear this out now but I'm obsessed and shall be keeping this t-shirt for forever. 

Roll Necks & Trousers

How do full time fashion bloggers come up with blog post titles? I genuinely considered calling this post "The One with Clothes" but alas, I digress...

I spend a large portion of my time on pinterest and unfortunately my favourite outfits are often quite Scandi inspired but seem to look best on a size 6-8 and as someone who is certainly not a 6-8, I decided to pull inspiration from it and put together an outfit that was wearable and super cute.

These trousers are incredibly comfortable because they have an elastic waist which almost makes them feel like leggings - I sized up so they're slightly baggy but they look amazing with the jumper which again is ever so slightly oversized and the chunky knit adds another element to the outfit.

This look was just calling out for a hat and this hat from Zara is so unique in colour that it adds something to the outfit - something that isn't monochrome. And the Stan Smiths which are a "classy" trainer, make the outfit more casual and less formal.

The Thigh High Boots

I used to hate over the knee boots - they were very much a thing that I didn't think worked but then this pair entered my life... Perhaps it's the suede that makes them far more wearable but I really think they look incredible with dresses or skirts. 

Paired with this skater skirt and a slightly baggy roll neck jumper, this outfit is probably one of my favourites at the moment and one that looks somewhat parisienne in some way. I'm also obsessed with this bag from Zara which reminds me so much of the Celine knot tote but was less than £30 so far more affordable.

In some respect this outfit is very much a champagne outfit on a lemonade budget and looks very chic considering how much it actually costs.

It's definitely one of my favourite winter go to outfits at the moment. What do you think?

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Hello Sailor

Get me with all these outfit posts. Some say miraculous, some say... Well.

The weather has still been annoyingly awkward and although it was bright sunshine when I took these, it was raining five minutes prior. Annoying. So I'm having to dress for transitional weather which means layering so that if it heats up, I can always peel things off to cool down (I ended up not wearing the jacket at all).

But I find wearing a dress underneath a jumper is a brilliant idea as the jumper helps you stay warm but the dress alone can be really summery. I think striped dresses are so flattering and versatile, I've worn this dress to work, out and to meetings - its what you wear it with thats important. I'm obsessed with this Zara jumper as it shows what you're wearing underneath and just adds a different texture to the mix.

And finally, I really think the sunglasses add something to the outfit. Mirrored lenses have been massive for quite a while and the blue tinge adds a touch more colour to an otherwise fairly monochrome outfit. 

A jumper and dress combo has definitely been a go to option for me, what are your favourite options for cooler weather?

In the Shower


Since I don't really do many youtube videos (although this might change...) I wanted to do a blog alternative to your standard evening routine esque videos which I love, mainly because I'm nosy about these kind of things. 

I've written several posts on various favourites but I'd realised I'd never done one purely focused on a routine as such so keep an eye out for those over the next few weeks and check out my hair care one here. But for now, have a peek into my shower and check out my choices that I use at least daily.

My hair care routine remains the same, I use the Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil range as my standard shampoo and then once a week or dependent on how my hair has been feeling, I use the Sacha Juan Hair Repair Mask which I leave on as a deep conditioning treatment. 

In shower, I don't use anything particularly fancy - it's all drugstore for me as who spends lots on soap? As my standard body wash, I use this Bath and Bodyworks Eucalyptus and Spearmint Body Wash because I love how invigorating the scent makes me feel. My favourite shower scents have to be citrus or minty ones as they really help me wake up properly in time for those nine am lectures. I picked this up in Malaysia and I know it's readily available in the US but I have no idea about the UK. Before this, I used to use the Original Source TeaTree and Mint Shower Gel which normally retails for £1 in most drugstores (their pink grapefruit is also amazing!). But in times like now where Summer is setting in, I've been using the Imperial Leather Foamburst Honey & Almond Oil Foaming Shower Gel because it's brilliant for shaving your legs as it feels like shaving foam but far more moisturising. It smells sweet but it's not too overpowering and really helps reduce any pesky razor burn.

Once I'm done with the routine shaving of the legs, I've been loving the Nivea In Shower Moisturiser which is amazing. I never ever use body moisturiser unless my legs are in a really bad state or are itching so using this in the shower really reduces the amount of time required after shower, plus it doesn't leave my skin feeling tacky like many moisturisers. 

I don't do much of my skin routine (specific post coming soon!) in the shower unless I have a hair mask on but if I do, I only use two products. First off, I take off my makeup using the Una Brennan Super Facialist Brightening Facial Oil which is amazing! Despite having combination skin, I need an oil based cleanser to breakdown my waterproof mascara but it doesn't leave my skin oily at all and reduces the need for a moisturiser afterwards. Then once my makeup is removed with a flannel, I use my favourite Oskia Renaissance Gel Cleanser to cleanser my face. It smells like rose and leaves my skin bright and soft.

Avenue 32 Wishlist


I'm a massive believer in investing in pieces that will last forever, particularly things deemed as "basics", like denim. So I've picked some of my favourite pieces from Avenue 32 which stocks brands such as AG Jeans, Frame Denim and James Perse

AG Jeans are probably one of my favourite denim brands simply because one of my favourite people ever (Alexa Chung) has a line with them so naturally, my choices were from that collection. Despite most dungarees not looking the best on my figure, I still love them and think that they are so cute and really flattering. The ones in the image above aren't your standard slouchy 90s style but are more of a straight fit which will suit more people. Aside from dungarees, I've been obsessed with pinafore dresses and I think the fact that AG's is a beige/white denim really makes it unique compared to standard denim. Button up skirts are a massive trend this summer and they're absolutely everywhere in denim, suede, you name it. This is definitely a wardrobe staple and it looks brilliant for autumn and winter with a polo neck tucked in. And of course, a sweatshirt which is the perfect off duty look with distressed jeans. It looks so slouchy and I'm in love. 

Another brand that has a celebrity name tied to it is Frame Denim where Karlie Kloss has a line with. I'm obsessed with Flared jeans at the moment. They make your legs look miles long and are flattering on absolutely everyone. I think they look amazing with flatforms for a casual day look but also look brilliant with off shoulder tops for the ultimate seventies throwback. And believe me, you don't have to look like Karlie Kloss to pull them off.

And finally, James Perse is a brand jam packed full of high quality basics in particular this slouchy white boyfriend v neck which looks lovely, who doesn't need a perfect white t-shirt? And finally, this khaki button up is so on trend with it's military colour scheme. Once again a perfect off duty look, ideal for slouchy sundays.

What do you think of my choices?

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Behind The Blog: My Essentials

One thing that always strikes interest with me personally is what happens behind the scenes with blogs, not with things like photography but more so with things that could be deemed more ugly than beautiful - the items that you don't buy for packaging.

So I thought I would share some items that I love but probably wouldn't include in a blogpost...

First off is teeth whitening. The idea of white teeth is something everyone strives for, and I think it adds a look of classiness to any outfit! Smile Brilliant sent me a complete teeth whitening kit including moulds designed specifically for my mouth! They're pretty cool... The kit comes with desensitising gel as well which means that it almost instantly stops you from those annoying pains that teeth whitening products can sometimes give you. I've noticed results almost instantly but I'm going to test them for about another week and watch out for my instagram as I'll be posting an update on there.

I shave my legs. I think most people do but I simply can't be bothered to faff about with waxing but I always suffer with terrible razor burn - at one point it was looking like I had been attacked by a heard of cats. But The Cool Fix Targeted Get Lotion is incredible. I apply it straight after shaving which does sting slightly but it means I don't suffer from razor burn, ingrown hairs or any redness. My legs honestly look so much better and it's been a massive confidence boost (especially with summer around the corner!)

With my parents living halfway around the world, I travel a lot and as I wear contact lenses (not on flights), I do suffer from dry eyes. I picked up this Optrex Eye Drops when I was in Malaysia before a long flight and they're wonderful. They contain witch hazel which is a natural antiseptic so dependent on how dry your eyes are, it can sting but it's an instant relief. This is a godsend for those rare occasions where I sometimes fall asleep in my contact lenses...

This is less of a behind the blog thing but I do wear glasses, particularly when I have time at home where I'm not in contact with people. As both my real life job and blogging involves so much screen time, I like giving my eyes a break from contact lenses and wearing glasses. Firmoo sent me a really fun pair that are very reminiscent of Ray Ban Wayfarers but are just an alternative to my usual secretary esque glasses. Firmoo is brilliant, the glasses are really reasonably priced and arrived so quickly!

And finally, something that is definitely far more aesthetically pleasing, this Iconemesis Pug Phone Case. It's a running joke amongst me and my friends that I love pugs and I had to say yes to this case. It's so fun and surprisingly a brilliant conversational starter (and it's only £10).

If you have a blog, do you have anythings that you use behind the scenes?

This post may contain items that have been sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.

What I Eat in a Day: The Vegan Student Edition

So, I'm vegan! It's quite a new development but I had realised that I had been using primarily vegan recipes and as I'm pretty much lactose intolerant, I decided to make the jump to veganism. But we're talking a plant based diet so no vegan cheese or anything like that. Before I launch into the main purpose of this post, the reason I decided to go vegan was primarily for health reasons so I'm not going to be posting anything about animal cruelty and the ethics behind it because it'll just open a whole bag of worms that I don't know enough to talk about! I'm purely vegan when I'm cooking for myself so if I go out or go to a friend's house for dinner, I might eat meat or animal products - just not in my own home.

But as I was saying, veganism is quite a tricky thing to conquer as a student as a lot of base ingredients are quite pricey so I thought I would share the kind of food I eat on a daily basis that don't cost the earth (and are super easy to make).

Breakfast is such an important meal and I often find if I skip brekkie, I find I'm starving by about eleven o'clock and find myself snacking. If I'm at uni, I love almond milk porridge loaded with flaxseeds, chia seeds and berries (I use frozen as they're cheaper - just get them out to thaw the night before). Because I'm also gluten free, I use gluten free oats but normal oats are so cheap they're an essential! But if I have a bit more time in the morning, I love smashed avocado with lemon on sourdough bread and an Alpro soy yoghurt. So filling but so good.

Lunch is always a tricky meal for me as usually I used to reach for a bag of crisps and a ham sandwich of sorts but I've been really into sushi bowls lately. The name makes them sound so much more complicated than they actually are but they're just made up of rice (I prefer brown rice as it will keep you full for longer), chopped up veg or fruit (I tend to go for tomatoes, cucumber, occasionally avocado and spinach) and then a drizzle of tamari (gluten free soy sauce) and then I mix it all together and it's so good! I've been having this almost daily and it's also really great as a packed lunch (sans avocado) as it keeps me going till dinner. I tend to bulk cook brown rice and then leave it in the fridge to make this easy to do on a daily basis.

Snacks are definitely the easiest part of the day. I reach for fruit or carrots and hummus because hummus is incredible. Let's be honest, I've been tempted to spoon it straight from the container.

Dinner as a typical student tends to consist of pasta or frozen meals partially because it's cheaper and far easier than making a meal from scratch so this was probably the trickiest meal to conquer but I think I've just about sorted it. Roasted vegetables will be your new best friend. They take about an hour in the oven at around 200 degrees but they're otherwise so simple! I buy bags of chopped up sweet potato, courgettes, cherry tomatoes, red onions and any other vegetables I have in the fridge. They're really filling because of the sweet potato and so good for you because they're all vegetables! I have this so much because I love it and it's easy to take to work with me in the evenings.

So I hope you've enjoyed my first What I Eat in a Day. Let me know if you'd like more of them and generally what you think!

A Student Food Shop: Vegan Edition

I can see some of you rolling your eyes right now but one of the hardest parts about being a student on a plant based diet is the budget. I've just finished my first year of university and one of the trickiest parts is getting the food shop right to the extent where you aren't having to keep popping to tesco during the week (because it gets expensive).

I mentioned in my post about First Year that Aldi and Lidl are my lifesavers and believe me they are. Fresh fruit and veg is so expensive and to be honest, the first half of uni I didn't tend to bother (frozen peas were enough for me) but it's amazing what you can get in Aldi and Lidl so I decided to do my weekly shop and show you guys what I tend to buy on a regular basis.

Things I buy on bulk at the beginning of the year are brown rice, oats, spelt pasta and things like canned goods (eg, chopped tomatoes, sweetcorn etc). Try and get these in one go so you don't have to worry about them for the rest of the year! It's also cheaper to buy in bulk especially with regard to pasta!

So above is a picture of some of what I tend to buy and because I love all my followers very much, I went around Aldi and recorded the price for each item because Aldi does not have an online shop where you can suss it out.

Here we go, Ellie's average weekly shop:

  • 4 x Avocados £1.14 for 2. (Aldi does the best avocados. They're always ripe and so much cheaper than tesco!)
  • 3 pack of Peppers 95p
  • 3xcourgetts 79p
  • Cherry tomatoes on the vine 85p
  • Pre-prepared butternut squash and sweet potato £1.14
  • Cucumber 50p
  • Red onions £1.14
  • 3 x canned sweetcorn in water £1.00
  • 3x canned chopped tomato 31p each
  • 1 x canned chickpeas 45p
  • 1kg of spinach £1
  • 250g blueberries 75p
  • 500g mushrooms 80p
All for... less than £13.

And that is essentially the raw basics of my weekly shop. What I tend to do is head to Aldi in the morning on a Tuesday when they get their fresh stuff in and then if there is anything they don't have, I get from Tesco. This honestly saves me ridiculous amounts of money! 

Obviously this is mostly fresh food, so I pick up my sourdough bread (vegan & GF) from Tesco as well as soy yoghurts, almond milk (the Alpro UHT unsweetened is my favourite because it's cheaper and brilliant), and any other essentials that Aldi doesn't have. I'd say that that's the downside of Aldi, that you can't guarantee what they'll have in stock but most of the time they're fairly regular with their products. I get my coconut oil from the world foods isle in Tesco because it's £2.99 compared to the standard £9.99 you can find in the oil section.

Aside from my weekly bits and bobs, once every couple of months I head to Holland and Barrett to pick up things like flaxseed, chia seeds, cacao powder and agave. Although my Tesco does stock these, H&B have really amazing penny sales which are worth keeping an eye on as it can save you loads of money. I buy a tub of chia seeds and I find those last me forever so although they're pricey, it's not like I'm buying them every week. H&B also stocks BoojaBooja which is a company that makes dairy free chocolate and ice cream which is definitely quite expensive but it's a nice treat.

I know this is such a long post but it can be helpful if you're starting university and aren't really sure of how to budget or just haven't had to buy your own food before so don't even know where to start!

Keep an eye out for my post next Thursday where I'm going to be talking about the kind of food I eat in a day using a lot of the ingredients from here!

Kiss Cosmetics Beyond Limitations Mascara

I love mascara and have a wide range of them for various occasions: I have my Tarte mascara for daily use, my Maybelline Lashsentational for big, bold lashes and now to add to my growing collection, I have Kiss Cosmetics' Beyond Limitations Mascara due for release on the 28th of May 2015.

This mascara is definitely a lengthening one, it uses a plastic brush which I personally prefer for everyday use as it clings to individual lashes and prevents the clumpy look. However, this does mean that not much volume is added which is why this is more of a daily look - perfect for the whole no makeup makeup days where BB cream is your best friend. But the mascara definitely builds really nicely and once again, avoids clumps. The end of the brush is brilliant because it has bristles so that you can get to the super fine lashes in the corner of the eyes.

The packaging is super cute and works with the whole Kiss Cosmetics brand and aesthetic - considering the mascara retails for only £9.00 I would say it definitely looks more expensive than that!

Compared to other brands, I was impressed considering Kiss Cosmetics is such a new company (we're talking a couple of months here) and I'm sure they'll do really well especially considering how much they've been working with beauty bloggers to find their favourites.

I'll tweet a link (@elliegdickinson) when the mascara goes live so keep your eyes peeled!

This post may contain items that have been sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.