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Hello Sailor

Get me with all these outfit posts. Some say miraculous, some say... Well.

The weather has still been annoyingly awkward and although it was bright sunshine when I took these, it was raining five minutes prior. Annoying. So I'm having to dress for transitional weather which means layering so that if it heats up, I can always peel things off to cool down (I ended up not wearing the jacket at all).

But I find wearing a dress underneath a jumper is a brilliant idea as the jumper helps you stay warm but the dress alone can be really summery. I think striped dresses are so flattering and versatile, I've worn this dress to work, out and to meetings - its what you wear it with thats important. I'm obsessed with this Zara jumper as it shows what you're wearing underneath and just adds a different texture to the mix.

And finally, I really think the sunglasses add something to the outfit. Mirrored lenses have been massive for quite a while and the blue tinge adds a touch more colour to an otherwise fairly monochrome outfit. 

A jumper and dress combo has definitely been a go to option for me, what are your favourite options for cooler weather?

Patent Graffiti

So outfit posts are now going to be a thing over here, surprise!

But really, this whole outfit was centred around the bag because lets be honest, regardless of how fabulous you may be, a Celine bag will always steal the show. This Celine Knot bag is gorgeous. I love the duck egg blue grey toned colour as it's so different to a standard black bag. The size of this is also gorgeous and I reckon it could probably fit a 13inch laptop.

However, the bag is so sleek and sophisticated that I struggled coming up with an outfit to go with it as I'm all about the slouchy jumper and leggings look but I decided to really strip it back to quite a minimal outfit so it would all be about the bag and shoes. The shoes are also super gorgeous and are actually my first pair of Zara shoes because they've recently starting bigger sizes as I wear a whopping size nine. But they're so gorgeous and come up quite high on my ankles which just makes them look slightly more sophisticated.

The dress is also lovely - it has brilliant bell sleeves which ties into the seventies trend without having to wear orange which quite frankly, makes me look ill. The sleeves just make it slightly more exciting than a standard black dress.

How obsessed are you with the bag? Also, how great is that graffiti wall?

The Spring Summer Shoe Edit

I love shoes, however, there is only one problem, I have size nine feet which means that whenever a shoe fits, I buy it because there is no guarantee that I'll find another version that will also fit. It's a hard life.

Now that it is relatively warm, I've popped my black chelsea boots on the bottom shelf of my shoe rack and pulled up my "summer" shoes. So I decided to share three pairs of shoes that I believe to be essentials for summer. Obviously as everyone has a different style, you may need different pairs or colours but I'm pretty sure these cover all bases.

Being a student and reliant on buses, comfort is my ultimate goal which is why two of these are flats. I adore wearing skirts and dresses in the summer and although a pair of converse adds a sporty twist to the outfit, I love these Tan Woven Sandals as they're not quite ballet flats and not quite sandals; the perfect in-between for someone who loves how sandals look but not how they feel. They also add a summery feel to an outfit and add a different twist to the standard converse and jeans.

But as it is England, it's never guaranteed that wearing sandals won't result in frostbite so these White Flatforms are wonderful. They're incredibly similar to the far more expensive YSL version and look great with every outfit. Because they have a slight platform sole (it's hardly noticeable, don't worry), they add a bit of height without the discomfort of high heels. These look wonderful with a denim skirt and a top with bell sleeves - the complete seventies look. You can pick up a similar pair here.

What would summer be without a wedding? Because I'm still quite young (twenty on Sunday!), it hasn't quite reached the stage where all my friends are getting married, but one is getting married in July so of course that meant a new outfit and new shoes. I know these are black but I'm definitely picking up a nude/pale pink version as they're incredible. These strappy lace up high heels, inspired by the Gieuseppe Zanotti version that the Kardashians love, these heels are great for a night out and if you choose a different colour, a wedding as well. They're not too high that they're uncomfortable but they're high enough to give a little twist to your outfit.

If you're looking for a cheaper shoe choice for the summer, make sure you check out Tesco for a wide and on trend variety of shoes!

What are your spring/summer shoe essentials? What do you think of my choices?

Written for Tesco.

The Met Gala 2015 Roundup

The Met Gala is undoubtedly one of the biggest events of the fashion world (aside from fashion weeks) and the dresses that the celebrities wear look incredible. So when social media was full of the who wore what, I thought I'd share my top choices from the evening.

Alexa Chung is probably one of my ultimate style crushes and was one of the main inspirations behind my fringe - but she looked incredible in a custom Erdem dress which quite frankly, only Alexa Chung would be able to pull off. But what I particularly liked was the print of the fabric used which was one of the few dresses of the evening that actually followed the theme China: Through the Looking Glass.

It's no secret that I love all the Victoria's Secret Angels, but particularly Behati Prinsloo who looked incredible in a velvet geometric Tommy Hilfiger dress which although didn't exactly appear to go with the theme, I loved it nonetheless.

Fan BingBing is a name that I don't normally see, but lets be honest, she looked incredible. Her stunning Christopher Bu dress looked unbelievably and certainly stood out amongst some of the rather drab outfits that the night had to offer. The embroidered multicoloured overcoat and sequinned dress looked amazing together which made her one of my best dressed of the night. 

Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid are definitely models of the moment and they both looked incredible. Kloss was wearing Versace and Gigi was wearing DVF and they looked amazing. Both dresses paid homage to the theme and I've run out of adjectives.

Growing up in Asia meant we were constantly coming across little markets that sold jade jewellery and thats what Kendall Jenner's Calvin Klein dress made me think of. Much like Alexa Chung's dress, only Kendall could pull this off and with simple makeup and hair, all eyes were on the dress, particularly the side cut out! The high polo neck reminded me of cheongsam dresses, so once again, going with the China:Through the Looking Glass.

And finally, Miss Rosie Huntington-Whitely who looked unbelievable. I can't entirely see how her dress relates but I'm willing to give her a pass because she looks stunning as per usual. The Versace gown is nothing short of stunning and the red lip paired with otherwise subtle makeup really completed the look.

What were some of your favourite looks of the evening?

The Daniel Wellington Watch: Timeless Style

Classic watches are making a comeback and they're popping up everywhere. And why not? Even though almost the entire country has a mobile phone of some sort, there is something nice about a classic watch on your wrist as they are essentially an accessory.

The watch I have is Daniel Wellington's Classic Sheffield with a Rose Gold face which adds a wonderfully feminine and somewhat modern touch to what could potentially but a masculine watch. 

The strap is real leather and rather stiff at first but loosens up after a couple of uses and although the watch face is quite large, because I'm tall (we're talking 5"9 ish here) it just fits however, if you're petite, I would definitely recommend having a look at a smaller watch face. But I love it.

Watches are tricky and I've been looking at purchasing one over the past couple of weeks but was unable to find the perfect watch due to font, colouring, size etc; I think with a watch there are so many different factors to consider but this is simply lovely.

And even better, if you are looking at getting one, you can get 15% discount with the code lifeofelliegrace which is valid until May 31st. And although the watch is quite pricey, considering it's so timeless, I'll be wearing this for as long as it keeps going!

Are there any pieces you deem classic?

This post may contain items that have been sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.

The Khaki & Leather Outfit

Wow. A style post? What is wrong with me? What's happening? I know, I know. It's been close to six months since my last fashion-esque post but that has been because I am no longer living where I used to so no longer have my photographer in residence. But, my lovely neighbour Nadia has been a superstar! So here we go.

I know this is nothing revolutionary, let's face it, it is a jumper and jeans but there is something about the variety of textures that makes it a little (only a little) bit different and that is the coated jeans. I have no idea how these ended up in my wardrobe but they are so comfortable and make an outfit a little bit fancier than simple black jeans (I'm sorry but I don't know where they are from either because it doesn't have a label). 

The coat is a winter staple; it's a wool boyfriend coat from Topshop which is not particularly special but it is so cozy and warm and fits even the thickest of jumpers beneath it. Plus it didn't break the bank, just keep an eye out on this website for the best offers available at Topshop and you'll grab a bargain. The shoes are the newest edition to my wardrobe and are New Look textured Slip-Ons which are so wonderfully comfortable! The whole outfit is a standard for me, comfortable, warm (remember, it's Manchester) and still looks relatively put together which is a win in my books!

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This post may contain items that have been sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.

Am I Rock 'n' Roll Yet?

Leather is in. There is no doubting that but with so many opportunities to style this trend, it is very easy to take a wrong turn into looking like you belong on the back of a Harley Davidson instead of belonging on a street style blog.

Leather jackets are the perfect way to follow this trend without abandoning any previous styles you may like. Jackets come in all shapes and sizes from distressed to fur lined to quilted and it is very much a matter of personal taste, mine being this £39.80 one from New Look. Personally, I like cleaner cuts so a distressed jacket would never go with many of my clothes but this one was perfect.

Paired with a long sleeved blouse from H&M, dark wash jeans and cut out boots (also from New Look), I have been wearing this jacket almost daily as it is hard to go wrong with such a wardrobe staple.


There is no doubt that Olivia Palmero is one of the most stylish people out there and the countless number of photos of her on my tumblr timeline only emphasise this! Her sense of style is flawless and her continually classy look has placed her on a pedestal far higher than some of the more fashionable out there.

She never fails to impress with her continually elegant appearance; hair perfectly coiffed, makeup flawless and outfits that are never repeated. Similarly to Rosie Huntington-Whitley, she dresses simply with one statement piece that adds another dimension and ties the look together. This technique is far better than some outfits that I have seen that scream cheap. Sometimes, less is more. 

One thing that I love about her style is that she is not always seen in ridiculously high heels and is completely comfortable being seen in flats (Chanel of course). Secondly, I adore the fact that she wears high street brands! It just makes her style so much more accessible to us peasants who are not swimming in $100 bills! And finally, she wears cat eye sunglasses. Anyone who favours cat eye glasses over those hideous Ray-bans, is automatically more stylish in my books. So yes, in my opinion, definitely a must buy!

Which outfit is your favourite?

Style Idol: Cher Lloyd

Good evening,

I know I have been forgetful with my recent postings, so I decided to whack a load in!

Cher Lloyd has seriously been a style inspiration to me lately, as she always comes up with the cutest outfits! 

Which look is your favourite? I love the one where she is in her sweats as well as the white dress she wore for her fragrance launch, very Marilyn Monroe chic.

Look for Less: Cher Lloyd


Someone that I've recently fallen in love with is Cher Lloyd.
I not only adore her new album 'Sticks and Stones' but her style! She really embodies rocker-chic which is simply fabulous!

What do you think of her look here? I love it! Only Cher could pull off that hair!

My favourite look of her's has to be in her new 'Want U Back' Video (US Edition).

 She looks absolutely amazing with her shorter curled hair and has really taken a more feminine direction, not dissimilar to her previous X Factor mentor, Cheryl Cole.

Which look is your favourite?