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Raise Boys and Girls the Same Way

This t-shirt is probably one of my favourite things in my wardrobe right now. It's statement, thought provoking yet not to the extent that I would feel uncomfortable wearing it in public. 

Let's be honest, it's not really difficult to say that boys are obviously raised the same way as girls considering we go to the same schools but it's really the way they're treated which creates the difference - the whole "boys will be boys" culture that seems to always crop up whenever sexual assault/rape/harassment occurs. But I digress, a post for this will be coming in due time.

I find with t-shirts, it's incredibly easy to look incredibly casual but I was feeling myself when I took these pictures so I wanted to add something glamorous to it, hence the heels and sunglasses. 

Paired with my fave coated jeans, there's almost a biker element to it that gives it a bit of edge. 

Mirrored sunglasses were huge in the summer and with this bright sunlight we've been blessed with, sometimes sunglasses are necessary even in Autumn and winter. 

It's definitely sometimes too cold to wear this out now but I'm obsessed and shall be keeping this t-shirt for forever. 

Monochrome Geometry

I seem to be getting slightly better at this whole style blogger thing (humour me). But this was very much a honest this is what I actually wore type outfit because considering the temperature at the moment, comfort is literally the only thing I care about.

Coated jeans are probably one of my favourite things because there is just something different to your standard denim and it just adds that little extra. I love the look of leather trousers but alas, they tend to only look good on beanpoles so a compromise was coated jeans.

And this jumper, which is just so different to some of the others out there, is absolutely stunning. I honestly think it's so classy and could easily be worn with a skirt and high knee boots for a far more sophisticated look but is casual enough for uni when worn with jeans.

The hat is a H&M classic which is perfect for this outfit and adds a city chic look to the ensemble.

What are some of your go to winter outfit staples?

Roll Necks & Trousers

How do full time fashion bloggers come up with blog post titles? I genuinely considered calling this post "The One with Clothes" but alas, I digress...

I spend a large portion of my time on pinterest and unfortunately my favourite outfits are often quite Scandi inspired but seem to look best on a size 6-8 and as someone who is certainly not a 6-8, I decided to pull inspiration from it and put together an outfit that was wearable and super cute.

These trousers are incredibly comfortable because they have an elastic waist which almost makes them feel like leggings - I sized up so they're slightly baggy but they look amazing with the jumper which again is ever so slightly oversized and the chunky knit adds another element to the outfit.

This look was just calling out for a hat and this hat from Zara is so unique in colour that it adds something to the outfit - something that isn't monochrome. And the Stan Smiths which are a "classy" trainer, make the outfit more casual and less formal.

The Thigh High Boots

I used to hate over the knee boots - they were very much a thing that I didn't think worked but then this pair entered my life... Perhaps it's the suede that makes them far more wearable but I really think they look incredible with dresses or skirts. 

Paired with this skater skirt and a slightly baggy roll neck jumper, this outfit is probably one of my favourites at the moment and one that looks somewhat parisienne in some way. I'm also obsessed with this bag from Zara which reminds me so much of the Celine knot tote but was less than £30 so far more affordable.

In some respect this outfit is very much a champagne outfit on a lemonade budget and looks very chic considering how much it actually costs.

It's definitely one of my favourite winter go to outfits at the moment. What do you think?

This post may contain items that have been sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.

Minimal Effort


Although I love my simple jeans and tee combo, there is nothing I love more than having the chance to wear something a little bit different and out of my comfort zone. 

I spotted these trousers on ASOS and they instantly were something I wanted to order - either to reassure myself that they looked terrible or to give a fab alternative to the numerous black skinny jeans lining my closet. But alas, they are far more comfortable. Although they look like trousers, they actually have an elasticated waist and are therefore perfect for days where food is the highlight. 

They go really well with the t-shirt which I like to wear for 9am lectures just to make them aware of how little I want to be there but also to wear with a full face of makeup because irony.

But I love the way the military inspired coat pulls together the outfit making it a perfect outfit for the Soap&Glory #GlamToTheWorld Christmas event!

More details to come soon but have a look at some of the pictures below!

Wear A Red Lip with Leather

How do full time style bloggers do this thing?

Thankfully I had a very patient brother helping me with these photos who allowed me to awkwardly flap about and try to look like I knew what I was doing.

But yeah, this is the second part to my day to night styling challenge with George Denim and this is the night part. I've worn this outfit numerous times and it's so easy to look put together with a good pair of boots and a blood orange lip ("Blood orange? She's so pretentious, it's ******* red.") Bonus points if you get the reference. 

As we're heading deep into cooler weather, my dresses are being shoved back into the depths of my wardrobe and my go-to night out outfit involves black skinny jeans (original) and a nice top with a leather jacket and heeled boots. This top is from ASOS and I love the off shoulder detail, it makes a relatively simply outfit just have that little bit of edge to it. 

The boots are relatively new to my wardrobe and I am majorly heart eyes over them. Zara has finally brought out size nine shoes and these are incred. Patent leather with quite a high rise on the heel, they make me feel like I'm far cooler than I actually am.

And finally, the lipstick really adds that extra edge. It's Kendall Jenner's shade with Estee Lauder called "Restless". The colour is beautiful and it's matte which is an extra bonus. 

Sidenote, I tried to do a super cool thing where I was putting on my jacket in some of the photos but instead it just looked like I was throwing some serious shapes. Those pictures didn't make the cut.

This post may contain items that have been sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.

High Necks and Denim with George

Disclaimer: the day these photos were taken, I was bloomin' freezing so a jumper & jeans combination is definitely not advisable unless you throw on a jacket. Trust me.

But onto the post.

I was asked by George (the clothes part of Asda) to style up some of their denim from day to night so this week my two posts will be showing this pair of jeans in two outfits, one that would be suitable for day, and the other for night. This outfit was all about comfort as these photos were being taken after a nine till three shift which was really my priority.

I'm all about turtle neck jumpers and this one from H&M was wonderfully oversized and slouchy and ever so comfortable. I wore it with these amazing Wonderfit Skinny Jeans which are incredible. They're so soft and comfortable but they're designed to hold their shape even after washing. Sizing is a bit weird because they come in S, M and L but because they adapt to your shape, it doesn't really have an effect.

Worn with my Stan Smiths, I love how this outfit looked. It was very easy to wear and comfortable and I'm so happy with the jeans because lets be honest, you can't go wrong with a good pair of jeans.

This post may contain items that have been sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.

Hello Sailor

Get me with all these outfit posts. Some say miraculous, some say... Well.

The weather has still been annoyingly awkward and although it was bright sunshine when I took these, it was raining five minutes prior. Annoying. So I'm having to dress for transitional weather which means layering so that if it heats up, I can always peel things off to cool down (I ended up not wearing the jacket at all).

But I find wearing a dress underneath a jumper is a brilliant idea as the jumper helps you stay warm but the dress alone can be really summery. I think striped dresses are so flattering and versatile, I've worn this dress to work, out and to meetings - its what you wear it with thats important. I'm obsessed with this Zara jumper as it shows what you're wearing underneath and just adds a different texture to the mix.

And finally, I really think the sunglasses add something to the outfit. Mirrored lenses have been massive for quite a while and the blue tinge adds a touch more colour to an otherwise fairly monochrome outfit. 

A jumper and dress combo has definitely been a go to option for me, what are your favourite options for cooler weather?