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Style Edit #1: Monochromatic Coveting

It's rare that I have colour in my wardrobe (I think the only colour I have is denim jeans) but I definitely dispute the fact that monochromatic outfit choices can be boring. Recently, I've been majorly inspired by the recent scandanavian inspired style movement which has started to creep into both my room and closet. In fact, as I sit here today I'm wearing an oversized grey jumper dress with some Stan Smiths so I like to think that I'm (sorta) pulling it off.

But whilst this dress was a steal from ASOS, there are a couple of designer favourites that I've spotted on some of my go-to blogs (harperandharley, I'm looking at you) that when I win the lottery, might eventually end up in my wardrobe.

I'm obsessed with the new Alexa Chung for AG Jeans Fall Collection and this Scotland Wool Turtle Neck jumper is everything I could want in autumn. It would look fab with tailored trousers and brogues. A designer I'm constantly lusting after is Saint Laurent and with Hedi Slimane on board, their whole aesthetic is me in a nutshell. The minimal look of this wallet is exactly the kind of thing I need in my life. And then another Alexa Chung number is this Sacred Monster jumper which is just fun (but entirely necessary).

Then onto these Victoria Beckham Mirrored Oversized Aviators - the only frame I wear is that of an aviator and these oversized badboys are an essential for the summer. VB is the queen of sunglasses and these are very Gigi Hadid who is slowly creeping into my book of style inspiration. Erring away from the Gigi Hadid stylefile is this Rag and Bone Fedora which is very a la Chrissy Teigan who always somehow looks flawless. I do have a H&M version but well, it's just so pretty to look at. The Adidas Superstars are purely an excessive addition as I already have the Stan Smiths but I think they are slightly more casual than the Smiths (and also very Gigi Hadid inspired).

And my final selection of completely excessive shoes - the Nike Roshe Runs. Not for the gym but they'll be cute with jeans as part of a travel outfit. Something I'll never ever ever be able to afford is this Chloe Double Breasted Coat but I'll be searching out for a cheaper alternative. It can really dress up an outfit and add a sophisticated flair. The final addition to my covet list is the Acne Jensen Boots, I do have a cheaper ASOS alternative that I love but these are just so beautiful. Now excuse my whilst I set up a saving plan...

What are you currently coveting?

Job Interview Style with City Calling


With the university year over, there will be loads of you out there, fresh graduates and looking for jobs and although I'm not yet in that situation, I can imagine the stress is there and one thing I can definitely empathise is the stress of job interviews. I've experienced my fair share and there is nothing like the sweaty palms and hammering heart but most seriously, what should I wear? 

Regardless of the type of job, dressing smart for the interview is essential and one of the big questions is making your outfit a little more exciting than a standard suit which don't always do females the most justice. So here are my top tips.
  • Think outside the box, instead of fitted skirts, try a midi one. It's the type of material that makes it classier and paired with a polo neck jumper, they can look so classy. For summer, try a polo neck knit vest. 
  • In Winter it's all about dark colours, but nudes and blush tones are back in a big way. Instead of a black blazer, try a white. It will freshen up your look and make you stand out!
  • A pair of court heels will transform any outfit but if you're applying for a job in the fashion industry, why not try a lace up pair of heels which are so fashionable.
  • Bright pin striped trousers are another way to jazz up a standard suit. Tuck in a classic white shirt for a feminine yet put together outfit.
But if you don't have an interview yet, City Calling has loads of jobs online that could help you find something that's right for you!

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Avenue 32 Wishlist


I'm a massive believer in investing in pieces that will last forever, particularly things deemed as "basics", like denim. So I've picked some of my favourite pieces from Avenue 32 which stocks brands such as AG Jeans, Frame Denim and James Perse

AG Jeans are probably one of my favourite denim brands simply because one of my favourite people ever (Alexa Chung) has a line with them so naturally, my choices were from that collection. Despite most dungarees not looking the best on my figure, I still love them and think that they are so cute and really flattering. The ones in the image above aren't your standard slouchy 90s style but are more of a straight fit which will suit more people. Aside from dungarees, I've been obsessed with pinafore dresses and I think the fact that AG's is a beige/white denim really makes it unique compared to standard denim. Button up skirts are a massive trend this summer and they're absolutely everywhere in denim, suede, you name it. This is definitely a wardrobe staple and it looks brilliant for autumn and winter with a polo neck tucked in. And of course, a sweatshirt which is the perfect off duty look with distressed jeans. It looks so slouchy and I'm in love. 

Another brand that has a celebrity name tied to it is Frame Denim where Karlie Kloss has a line with. I'm obsessed with Flared jeans at the moment. They make your legs look miles long and are flattering on absolutely everyone. I think they look amazing with flatforms for a casual day look but also look brilliant with off shoulder tops for the ultimate seventies throwback. And believe me, you don't have to look like Karlie Kloss to pull them off.

And finally, James Perse is a brand jam packed full of high quality basics in particular this slouchy white boyfriend v neck which looks lovely, who doesn't need a perfect white t-shirt? And finally, this khaki button up is so on trend with it's military colour scheme. Once again a perfect off duty look, ideal for slouchy sundays.

What do you think of my choices?

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Off to the Races

Investec are hosting the Epsom Derby this year which made me think that ladies days at the races are great ideas for a full on girly sesh and bonding time with your friends - of course buying a perfect outfit is simply a bonus!

With the sunshine (finally) out in full force, I've been loving pastel colours and whites as they really are a stark transition to your usual darker colours that we've all been wearing during winter! I've never actually been to the races as such but the day after, my instagram is always packed full of gorgeous pictures from the day and obviously I've seen Made in Chelsea. But one thing I've noticed is that everyone is glammed up to the maximum - we're talking Kim Kardashian levels of glam here. So with an outfit, it's so important to go full out (just do it for the instagram).

One trend I always love during summer is the whole jumpsuit look. Everyone looks good in them as there are so many different variations out there - a style to suit everyone! They elongate the legs to no end and instantly add a touch of class. I love this somewhat simple white jumpsuit as it's so classy and would look incredible with these strappy lace up heels which are so on trend at the moment. The nude of the heels elongates the legs to a Gisele level - seriously. Paired with my latest bag love, this Chloe bad boy, I love the pop of colour it adds and really ties the whole outfit together.

If you're not the kind of person that fancies going full out Kimmie K glam, a maxi skirt and lace crop top can look so cute together! It's the kind of outfit that can be beachy when paired with sandals or perfect for a day at the races when worn with yet another pair of lace up heels which add a level of glam to any outfit. Definitely more casual than the jumpsuit ensemble, this outfit is perfect if you're a bit younger or aren't too fussed about the outfit! This would look incredible with seriously dewy makeup and a bright pink lip!

What would you wear if you were off to the races?

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Finding Your Style with Ralph Lauren

Finding your personal style can be difficult. It's hard to know what items to invest in or what aren't - the whole concept of style is tricky especially when we're constantly bombarded with new trends.

But Ralph Lauren has a handy new tool to help you determine what items to pay that little bit more for. Ralph Lauren is a classic brand and full of staple items that will last you years!

So whether you're stuck in a style rut or need a bit of inspiration, the Style Guide has so many ideas for every occasion! And of course, the best place to pick up some of these essential items is the womenswear section of Ralph Lauren

My style essentials are definitely black skinny jeans, a blazer, some amazing black boots and of course red lipstick. They're all such versatile items that you can wear them with everything!

What are your style essentials?

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Prom Memories

It's hard to believe that these pictures are from my sixth form days (over two years ago!). Prom was a massive deal in school despite the fact that we had one in year eleven, year twelve and year thirteen (notice I haven't included a picture from year eleven *cringe*) - it was still important. The dress, the hair, the makeup and did I mention the dress? It was always held at a fancy hotel and was probably the most exciting thing to happen in the relatively quiet place that I lived in.

But it was great. Once you'd seen all your friends, admired each others dresses and generally squealed at the boys in suits, it was time for prom to begin and the nights were always brilliant. It was very glamorous and was akin to the Oscars of my school. But of course, it was full of memories - and although I shall always cringe at the photos, they're incredible memories. In someways, the best part of prom was the getting ready - getting my hair done and doing my makeup was so therapeutic and theres no denying that at the time, I felt like a princess.

Alas, the dress was the main event. For my very first prom, I went with the standard sleeveless a-line dress with a bit of sparkle. The dress was a midnight blue and it's still hanging up in my wardrobe! My hair was in a classic half up, curly style and this was the night I did my first ever smokey eye. In my first year of sixth form I wore a tiered, purple dress and some painful heels! And for my final prom, I wore an off the shoulder scarlet dress which was so lovely! And of course, it had a bit of sparkle.

But prom season is rolling round again (I can't believe March is almost over?) so have you got your dress yet? Dresses can be so overpriced, so I highly recommend having a look over at New Look which I'm sure you can tell is one of my favourite brands! The dresses are stunning and won't cost you an arm and a leg! I love this Sequinned number!

What were some of your favourite prom memories?

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Luxury Gifts for Her

We all have a special female someone whether its a girlfriend, mother, sister or even your best friend and Christmas presents can be incredibly difficult to buy - nothing can ever seem enough!

Ralph Lauren is an incredible brand that is not only of incredible quality but has an incredible collection of gifts perfect for that special someone - and when I was asked to pick out some of my favourite gifts, I jumped at the chance!

Theres a little something for everyone whether it's someone you're very close to and you're confident enough to buy them pyjamas or whether you're not too sure what kind of thing they like but settle for an equally gorgeous photo frame, there is something for everyone!

Whenever I struggle to buy a gift for someone, I instantly stray towards accessories like handbags and purses - something black and leather is always a staple and they always look classy and put together! Plus it's something the person is guaranteed to use! 

If they're a bit of a fashionista yet very much into they're home decor, the Vogue coffee table book is perfect as well as the Photo Frame - if you're feeling especially sentimental, pop a photo of you and the person into the frame! It's guaranteed to make them smile!

And of course, the compulsory pyjamas. I am a big fan of pyjamas and think they're perfect for everyone and a great way of buying a gift without having to be too paranoid about their personal style - the simple pinstriped design is ideal for everyone!

These gifts do vary in price so please have a little look around and have a look at all Ralph Lauren's gifts to see if there is something right for you!

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Top 5 New Look Gift Picks

Tis the season of gift guides and I've already suggested several different things but if you still can't find the perfect gift, try New Look. New Look is one of my favourite shops (not only because they stock size 9 footwear) but because they're always on trend and generally stock things for people of various shapes and sizes! They've also recently released a new beauty line which is pretty brilliant!

But they also have just launched a brilliant Gift Generator which helps give you suggestions of things to buy for your loved ones! I was asked to have a bit of a play and come up with my top five gift picks! Simply click on the category that applies best and it comes up with ideas - which is how I came up with my top five gifts - saves so much time trawling through websites and if you still haven't come up with your christmas presents, time is of the essence!

The ones included in the guide are all from the Secret Santa collection from the generator which means they're not overly expensive and suit most people - however, they do have age specific options for both male and female so you can really narrow down your search!

Above you'll find a range of gifts to suit each person from the best friend who loves a good pair of novelty pyjamas to the friend who loves a bit of bling on a bag - there is something for everyone from a range of prices.

I hope you've been inspired from this post and may have come up with a couple of ideas! But don't forget to have a play on the gift generator as it really is fun and very helpful!

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